Wednesday, 21 September 2011

First Past the Post

Welcome to the SafeSearchLock Developers Blog!
This is the first post just to introduce the blog and explain why it is here. This site is really for those interested in what happens behind the scenes with SafeSearchLock. It will contain some technical information on changes and also some of the reasoning behind why we have made the software work the way it does. The vast majority of users will probably not be interested in the contents here and should go directly to the main SafeSearchLock Web site located here:

This blog will also contain some of our personal views regarding the Web and especially online use by children. Even though we are the developers behind SafeSearchLock, our views should not be seen as officially endorsed by SafeSearchLock. You may disagree with some of our observations and opinions but hopefully you will find some of the information provided here useful, or at the very least interesting.

Feel free to comment on any posts which allow comments, but obviously keep it legal, decent, honest and truthful. We reserve the right to remove posts and comments which we feel are not in other visitors interest. We have a strict 'no spam' and 'no advertising' policy so please... just don't.

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