Tuesday, 12 February 2013

18 countries & counting / Calling all network admins / New version imminent!

Wow, it’s been a while since our last post, but we’ve been very busy!

SafeSearchLock, our smart but simple e-safety tool, is now being used in 18 countries no less! Our users include parents, carers, schools, churches, businesses and various organisations around the world. We can’t begin to describe how proud we are! Thank you to everyone who has installed SafeSearchLock, and to everyone who has been in touch with such positive comments! YOU are what makes it all worth while.

Calling all network administrators, it's not just a SafeSearch Lock!

SafeSearchLock also activates various “self defence” features designed to prevent older ‘tech savvy’ children (or indeed adults!) from disabling it. Consequently a lot of positive feedback we’ve been getting has been from academic and also business users who are pleased that our tool not only universally enforces safe searching, but that it also blocks access to features such as Windows Task Manager / Reg Edit etc… a valuable feature in itself for organisations who don’t want their end users ‘getting under the hood’. A perfect cost effective solution for business and academic network administrators! (Just get in touch for discounted academic / enterprise license pricing).

New developments!

Of course, stopping access to Windows Task Manager has not been ideal for everyone. For various reasons, some personal users have asked us to make SafeSearchLock’s self defence features a controllable option. With this in mind we’re currently working on an update (V1.2), which will, amongst other small improvements, give users the setting option to turn on and off its “self defence” features. As a result this will enable users to choose whether whilst running SafeSearchLock, they also want to disable Windows features such as Windows Task Manager / Reg Edit etc… (Obviously though we would only recommend turning off SafeSearchLock’s self defence features, if you have younger children who won’t have the intent or knowledge to disable it).

Monday, 11 February 2013

Problems locking Google SafeSearch recently? Try our universal SafeSearch enforcing tool for free!

Since the beginning of 2013 there’s been quite a lot of chatter from web surfers unable to lock Google’s SafeSearch feature using normal methods (not using our esafety tool, named SafeSearchLock we might hasten to add!). When they try they are receiving a Google error message “Oops. There was a problem locking SafeSearch".

We’ve also received various enquiries as to whether our e-safety tool (named SafeSearchLock), will overcome this problem? Blissfully the answer is YES!

If you are experiencing problems and frustrations using the normal methods of locking Google’s SafeSearch feature, then installing our little tool will indeed fix this. :-)

Not only that, but it will also lock on SafeSearch and Family Safe Filtering in ALL major search engines, including Google (+ Google Images), YouTube, Bing and many many more. (See our main site for the current list).

So if you are having problems with Google SafeSearch, try out our smart but simple universal SafeSearch enforcing tool now for free! www.safesearchlock.com